Top 10 Electric Cars in the World 2019

#9. Jaguar i-Pace

Best Electric Cars in the World - Jaguar i-Pace

The Jaguar i-Pace is expected to hit the road as from next year and is also expected to go on sale as also from early 2018. According to the Jaguar, a British brand owned, the i-Pace will be built by Magna Steyr’s factory in Austria. They have also said that Jaguar i-Pace is built on a dedicated electric-vehicle architecture that allows the designers to work outside rulebook on vehicle layout.

The Jaguar i-Pace is fitted with features that make it one on of the top 10 electric vehicles. It is fitted with a battery pack which is located on the floor. The battery produces 90-kWh of energy which is expected to power the four wheel motors. Also, the battery can be charged by 50kW voltage. Jaguar estimates that the I-Pace should be able to travel more than 220 miles on a charge. Jaguar i-pace has an expected range of 220 mi (350 km) that’s according to EPA rating. The acceleration rate is expected to be 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds. More is expected to be revealed on Jaguar i-Pace features once it hit the roads.


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