10 Best Affordable Cars for College Students

#10. Kia Rio

Best Affordable Cars for College Students - Kia Rio

Want to invest your money in a car that is sturdy? Then you should absolutely go for the Kia Rio.

This car is very reliable. It has some of the best features which you will enjoy especially if you are tech-savvy students. This 2017 model has become a favorite in some quarters especially amongst Americans due to its spacious cabin space. The cost of maintaining this car is also very low. This makes it very friendly.

You wouldn’t want to spend much on a car while you are still struggling with other things in school. This car makes your packing easy as it comes with a camera display which helps you to park your car very easily and properly.

Remember the college parking can be very busy, and you would not like to hit someone’s car. So with its camera display, you will minimize the blind spots while you park. This car will also provide driving directions for you. Buying Kia Rio is one of the best decisions that you will ever make, and you will be happy you did.



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